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Meet the Team: The Lovely Assistant

Another in our Meet the Team series--The Lovely Assistant is a very busy young lady. Her extracurricular activities include studying the bagpipes with a local pipes and drum band, volunteering at the Mahaffie Farmstead, enjoying her church youth group and working out during her Taekwondo practices (she holds a red belt and wants to finish her black belt before finishing high school). Our Lovely Assistant hopes to be a veterinarian for exotic zoo animals someday, so you can bet that we study all the math and science we can! She cannot wait to get to college full-time (she is dually-enrolled at a local community college for some of her classes). She enjoys reading the Keeper of the Lost Cities book series, and anxiously awaits each new book’s release. I often feature her in our social media to provide human interest...she is a natural "Vanna White" for our Instagram reels! Above you will see her enjoying life on the flower farm in early July. It has been difficult to find animals for Helen to acquire experience with that will not activate her mother’s allergies, but we think we have found the solution in a limited number of outdoor animals (and, as her mom says, they must be USEFUL animals!). We have mentioned our guinea pig before, and he does lounge around the yard in his guinea pig tractor when the weather allows. We have hosted ducks for a few months to see if we like having ducks, and our flock of chickens has been featured multiple times in our newsletters and our social media. The Lovely Assistant is learning to enjoy eating fresh, sunny-side-up backyard eggs for breakfast….as long as there is a lovely carbohydrate like breakfast bread or a waffle to accompany the eggs! (That is the deal….if you want a gluten-free waffle, you have to have a couple of eggs or some other serious protein to go with it.) Our budding vet works diligently to care for all her charges, with collecting eggs a favorite activity. She runs and manages the egg business and all proceeds go to her. She is “egg-cited” with her business opportunity! To close, the Lovely Assistant writes and publishes poetry occasionally. I thought her most recent poem for an English assignment to be rather whimsical, so, with her permission, I published it in a different blogpost. Read it here.

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