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"At home, we were able to create three smaller bouquets to display throughout the house. This was a delightful summer experience and the girls loved creating bouquets with the flowers once we were home."  --Kristina L.,

Curious about how we run our operation? Below you will find a list of common questions and answers that customers tend to ask again and again. We strongly suggest you review it before you arrive for your appointment. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We will be happy to assist you. 

What should I bring?

Cutting shears. Floral, kitchen or poultry shears will do just fine. We do see people bring pruning shears, and they will also get the job done, but you may find they are generally a bit overkill. We will provide the stadium cup for you to pick into and take your flowers home with you. You may want to consider bringing along an empty five-gallon bucket to put your container into to keep things organized and have fewer splashes in your vehicle on your way home.

Water bottles (for you, not the plants). The sun can get hot!

Respectful children. This is our personal home as well as the flower patch, and we have worked very hard so we can share it with others. We want to keep it that way! Please DO NOT allow your children to chase or harass any animals or critters in any way or purposefully destroy our property. You will be asked to leave.

Is your garden chemical free?

Our flowers do not do drugs! We do apply a compost kelp tea to replenish the soil as well as a manure tea. Occasionally, we will use a home-made garlic and water spray to discourage the squirrels and neighbor pets from destroying the flower beds.

Speaking of chemical-free, if you feel the need to apply bug-spray, we would appreciate it if you would please do so BEFORE entering the property. In addition to being detrimental to our flowers and pollinators, we also have staff who are extremely sensitive to chemicals. We do not want to have an allergy incident interrupt your visit. We really appreciate your attention to this matter!

What should I wear for the u-pick?

Farm appropriate shoes. Watch your step! 

Sunscreen and/or a hat. There is a tree in the yard, but the brightest and largest blooms will be found in the sun. It gets hot picking flowers!

Where should I park?

You may park adjacent to the property in the street.  No off-street parking is available, although you may unload participants onto the driveway apron, if desired. There is an ADA-compliant ramp at the end of the sidewalk on the corner of the property. See this video for an example of what might be picked from the public sidewalk in June. 

What if I am allergic to bees or other insects?

We do everything we can to encourage beneficial insects to visit our property. (We are a Monarch Watch Waystation, so we do certain things to remain butterfly-friendly!) While being bitten or stung by anything other than the occasional mosquito in suburbia is rare, there is always the possibility that such an event might happen. If you react to bug bites, this activity may not be for you. To make yourself less interesting to critters, consider wearing darker clothing (makes you look less like a flower), speak quietly and move slowly through the gardens to avoid startling our bug and bird population.

I forgot my shears...may I borrow yours?

Sorry, no. But you will pass by any number of large-box retailers on your way to the property that sell cutting items. The closest hardware store to us is the Sutherlands on 151st and Mur-Len. You will find the flower snips and other shears in aisle 5.

Where can I find out what is blooming right now?

Check out our "What's Blooming Now?" page, which is almost always updated weekly during the growing season. Our Facebook page as well as our Instagram page also post pictures!

May I bring my pet?

Please leave all pets at home. If you have a service animal, please call ahead.

Ack!  I want to pick more flowers than I booked for, can I get more?

Sure, you can upgrade once you get here (within reason!) Just ask. We can settle up accounts once you are finished and ready to check out. For a more rapid checkout when adding on for a u-pick session, cash is preferred.

Where are the restrooms?

We have no public restrooms! We are a 100-percent outdoor activity. Please plan ahead to accommodate your needs.

What can I expect when I arrive?

After you have parked street-side, grab your cutting shears from your car.  You will check in for your appointment at the end of the driveway. Pick up your cup (it will be filled with water already) and begin picking! Please remain on the walkways and stay out of the flower beds and the street. Use common sense! We believe that the street is for cars, not people. Most plants you find on the street are for show only and will likely make poor cut flowers. If you absolutely must have plant material from the streetside (or you cannot reach the perfect bloom somewhere on the property), please ask us to cut it for you! We will be happy to do so. When you are about to leave, check back with us so we can settle up any final details and give you a flower food packet and cut flowers care sheet.

May I pick into my own cup or container?

Please use only our logoed cups and/or larger containers for picking into. You are more than welcome to transfer your flowers into alternative containers for transport after checkout if you wish.  If you have already picked with us in the past, and you wish to bring the original cup from us with you to pick into, please show it to us when you arrive.  We will be happy to refund you 5 dollars when you reuse our logoed cups.

Are you child-friendly?  Can I bring my child's stroller?

We love children! Please keep a close watch on your children at all times and do not allow them to run unattended. Please, please do not allow any individual to consume any item that you are not sure is safe for them put in their mouth. We grow and sell for the cut flower and foliage market, not the food consumption market. You will need to keep your strollers on the hard-paved surface (i.e., the streetside sidewalk) only. There is not enough space to run a stroller between the beds.

How do you suggest I pick your flowers?

We suggest you pick so the stem is at least as long as your forearm. You may strip stems of leaf material and leave the debris in the walkways.

Can I come anytime?  What are your hours?  When do I pick up my subscription bouquet?

This is our private home as well as a suburban farm. We are open only during certain hours and only to guests with pre-booked appointments or who have scheduled a flower pickup. In order to preserve our sanity as well as conform to city ordinances, we do not allow walk-up, impromptu flower pickings. Thank you in advance for adhering to these requests! For the 2023 season, we plan to be open for u-pick appointment sessions on Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings and most Saturday mornings. Subscription pickups will be on Fridays, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. The farm walks are at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings and each participant must have a reservation.  

How big is your farm? 

We are on a standard corner suburban lot, about 1/4 acre in size.

Is that big enough to grow a lot of flowers?

Yes, it is!  We are able to grow a wide variety of flowers, including seasonal blooms and specialty varieties.  We increase the number of pickable blooms each year!

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