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Ready to book an appointment to

pick your very own cup of flowers? We open for U-PIck in early April and take bookings until the end of July.

Prefer to join us on free farm walk first? 

Want a pdf file of what we grow, approximately when it is ready to pick and the available colors??

The Bloom Report--  

05/29/2023  I have closed down all new appointments until June 3, 2023, as I blew my back out! Sorry! Here is what is going on now.  The Golden Alexander is turning to seed heads now--super long-lasting in my bouquets. The sweet peas are looking very pink, and the spring peas are now long enough to pick and have started their purple and white blooms. Yarrow (ours is multiple colors) is looking great!

Herbs/fillers: Some dill leaves (not flowers yet) are tall enough to pick for filler, and one of my clients last week showed me how fantastic it looks paired with the sweet peas!  Rosemary, chocolate mint, spearmint, fava, sage, parsley, oregano, thyme.  Some cilantro is in the flowering/seed head stage now.  It smells divine!

Collars:  Hostas.

Vines:  Grapevines, Sweet pea sprays, and spring pea sprays.

Upcoming:  Black-eyed Susan heads are just now unfurling. Echinacea (coneflower) is also very close.  I expect it by this weekend.

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