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We are open from the daffodils to the end of July!

Prefer to join us on free farm walk first? 

Want a pdf file of what we grow, approximately when it is ready to pick and the available colors??

The Bloom Report--  

05/27/2024 We got hail last night! Picking is shut down until Saturday to allow time to clean up and allow some additional flowers to open.

We will show you where the blooms are, as "clumps" of them are blooming throughout the picking area. 

We have:

RED: ranunculus 

PURPLE: lamb's ear, lacy phacelia, spring peas

WHITE: cilantro, flowering beans, ranunculus, 

BLUE: Bachelor's Buttons 

various: sweet peas, yarrow and snapdragons (just beginning)

We recommend including some herbs in your arrangements--when touched they give off scent, adding another level of sensory enjoyment to your flowers.


Herbs: sage, mint (regular and chocolate), oregano, thyme (it is flowering right cute!), rosemary, parsley.


Have a lovely week!

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