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Meet Our Farmers

Welcome to the Family


Mr. Eric

Maintenance/Heavy Lifter/#1 Dude

Mr. Eric is not afraid of hard work and proves it daily. We could not have asked for a better compost hauler, raised bed assembler or behind-the-scenes encourager! Any day that he can use his power tools--the louder the better--he considers to be a good day. He can also assemble a mean bouquet in a pinch! He likes to affirm his carnivore side when he lights up the grill.

dawn with flowers_edited.jpg

Miss Dawn


Miss Dawn (again, what the neighborhood kids call her) is our main grower. A country girl married to a dyed-in-the-wool suburbanite, she decided to stop trying to move back to the country and just "farm where you are." She loves to talk about her garden to anyone and everyone, and really gets a charge out of sitting amongst the plants at the end of the day, watching the butterflies and bees get their last sips of nectar in before sunset. Her favorite flower? Whatever is blooming right now!


Miss Lovely Assistant

Farmer's Assistant

Miss Lovely Assistant is an invaluable aide in creating our social posts, chores, and chases squirrels and rabbits off our plants with great regularity. One of her greatest kicks is to help select the spring bulbs order. Her mom says that her sense of flower fashion is the best on the property. Strawflowers and tulips are tied for her favorite flower. She loves to raise Monarch caterpillars into butterflies and is determined to train her chickens to perform as a fowl act! She studies the bagpipes and her favorite YouTuber is Bernadette Banner.


Harry Potter

The (Guinea) Pig Who Lived

Our resident ruminant, Harry Potter rules supreme. He is an invaluable part of the farm, well-noted for devouring weeds, turning vegetable bits into garden fertilizer, and provides ample opportunity to the neighborhood kids for snuggles. His favorite flower is the rose, which he declares to be "quite tasty!" You can often find him in the backyard, lounging about in his custom-fabricated (by Mr. Eric!) guinea pig tractor.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

The Ladies

Farmer's Assistants

Our backyard flock of Black Australorp hens enriches our lives in many yummy eggs for breakfast, in bug-munching patrol, in weed seed elimination, in table scraps cleanup and in just plain backyard fun! Anyone who spends a moment with them always comes back smiling. Check out our chicken blogs to find out more about them! Photo Credit:  Olivia J Photography.

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