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Our Story

Local, sustainable, chemical-free flowers in Olathe, Kansas.

We have been residents of Olathe since 2009 and have long been into growing more than the perfect suburban lawn. Dawn grew up in Ozark country and has fond memories of wandering fields and pastures with free access to pick whatever she desired. After years of watching our lawn shrink and our garden beds grow, we finally figured out that we needed to "go big or go home." We decided to farm where we were, no matter how small the patch of earth, to share our love of flowers with our community. We strive to bring you the best country flowers without you having to leave the suburbs of Olathe. For the fellow "greenies" out there, please know that we have long had a commitment to the stewardship of our tiny little portion of the planet. We endeavor to garden using sustainable, environmentally-kind, pollinator-friendly methods. Our suburban lot sits on what used to be part of the Tallgrass Prairie ecosystem. This system is one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet, and we are proud to include several of this ecosystem's native plants in the flowers and foliage that we offer. We are a longtime Monarch Watch Waystation.

Book an appointment to pick our amazing flowers, herbs and foliage! Check us out during a free farm walk to learn more about what we do. Not into picking yourself?  Book a flower subscription or pre-order an individual bouquet.

"She really enjoyed it, and I could tell she was really getting into it.  This was way better than getting another trinket!"      --Mary O., mother of a birthday girl

About Us: Our Farm
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