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"Personification of a Chicken" Poem

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

An English Assignment by the Lovely Assistant

A teenage girl holding a chicken in a flower garden. Photo Credit:  Olivia J Photography
The Lovely Assistant with a beloved hen in the flower garden. Photo Credit: Olivia J Photography

The chicken stands with head stood high,

Reaching it up to the great blue sky.

The chicken struts with a gait so proud,

It has the ego depth of a cloud.

The chicken’s feathers are so fair,

They r’mind me of a maiden’s hair.

The bird has talons made of steel,

It almost seems to be unreal.

The bird has wings built like no other,

They give beatings like a hammer.

They seem cool at one’s first look,

But I present the scars of their hook.

By hook, I mean, the claws on their feet,

And the spreading blood that shows in sheets.

Though I have received many scars,

I will thank my millions of stars,

That they are there when I am blue,

To cackle, and cluck, and finally coo.

2023 Chicken poem.

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