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Meet the Team--The Rodent (Harry Potter, the Guinea Pig)

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A guinea pig lounging indoors on a white towel.
Harry Potter

Some people wonder why we did not go the cat-and-dog-as-pets route when we moved here. Well, we originally planned to get another dog, and spent a pretty penny replacing the backyard fence to accommodate a puppy. Meantime, the Lovely Assistant had fallen in love with rats and guinea pigs at her cousins' house and insisted that she HAD to have them INSTEAD of a puppy. I put my foot down on having rats in the house, but I did allow a guinea pig. It has taken several years for me to come around, but I now appreciate the finer qualities of our little furball (and his predecessor)! Consider:

  1. They eat the things your doctor wants you to eat--your veggies and fruits. Stick to their diet, and you will be a healthier, if not happier individual. It is always a fine thing to feed the ends of carrots and other veggies that we do not use to the guinea pig, instead of dumping the scraps into the trash.

  2. In fact, if you are like us and do not use chemicals in your yard, you can feed guinea pigs dandelions, crabgrass, and most things that grow in your lawn, and they will gobble the greens right up.

  3. When the conversation lags, bringing out the guinea pig always starts conversation anew.

  4. Their output (ahem!) is GREAT for the lawn and garden--unlike our former canine and feline friends! Their output has never injured our lawnmower when being run over, either.

  5. They are quiet--I have never had a neighbor bang on my door complaining that my guinea pig was keeping them up at night or bothering their guests.

  6. They are peace-loving--I have never had my guinea pig leave my property and threaten another's life or limb.

  7. They have never procreated with our neighbor's pets behind our back. Or humped my leg in front of guests. Or sniffed my bum.

  8. There is no need for a leash--or a walk. Our pig is completely happy sitting outside in his outdoor tractor on a nice day--he has made friends with the local squirrels and the robins.

  9. We do not have guinea pig-created holes in our yard.

  10. You can keep them in a confined area inside and keep the mess and smells manageable.

  11. Cute yawns and stretches!

  12. Cuddles and more cuddles!

Have a lovely day!


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