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Why Are You Writing To The Lovely Assistant For Most Blogs??

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Good question.

A. The primary reason is moral support for the kiddo as she learns how to write. The kiddo has always struggled with putting thoughts to paper. However, she does better when she knows that someone else in the house is also writing...misery loves company, right? For some reason the kiddo does much better writing when she knows I am also putting my thoughts down somewhere.

B. So the kiddo will someday know how to do the things we are doing in urban farming. I grew up on a 70-plus acre farm, and I got to help my parents with all sorts of animal, plant and outdoor activities (sometimes we thought it forced labor, sometimes not!). Then I left, went to college and worked in corporate America for many years. I forgot a lot, and my parents retired meantime. They forgot a lot, too. So, when I decided to grow stuff on our tiny suburban lot, they did not know how to answer most of my questions, so I spent much time researching how to do things online and from library materials. Someday, I hope, my kiddo will want to know how we did some of the things we did together. If I am not around, or I have forgotten, this is my record to her. If you also get some use out of this information, fantastic!

Planting Tulips in Fall
The Lovely Assistant Planting Tulips!

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