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Delightful Daffodils

My Dear Lovely Assistant--

Tahiti Daffodils in Jar

One of our signs that spring has really returned is when the daffodils bloom in abundance. You can literally watch the buds unfurl as the warmth of a sunny day progresses. It is a great payback for all the cold, hard work of the fall before when we were planting them! Thankfully, daffodils are not only perennials, but also they will usually multiply in place, creating an even more dense swath of blooms the next year! (Eventually, though, they will need to be split up, resulting in another cold, hard-working time in the fall.) If you feed them occasionally, they appreciate it, but it is kind of nice to have a plant around that can deal with neglect on a regular basis.

I grew up with only two types of daffodils, and yes, they grew on the mound of grass covering my parent's septic tank! I loved their cheerful white faces with red interiors. Nowadays, as a flower farm grower, I get to indulge my daffodil love with many varieties. I love them all--from the unnamed specimens that we inherited when we purchased this place, to the newer varieties recently planted. Internally, I think of the simple, single varieties as the demure young ladies of the group, while the wilder double varieties are the party-loving girls that like to kick up their heels!

2023 Varieties

If I had to pick just one, this year I think I could not do without my Tahiti variety. I could be happy to have just a batch of 20-30 or so of these double varieties sitting in a Mason jar on my kitchen table all April long smiling at me as I work in the kitchen. They are so pretty! (See them doing just that at the top of this blog.)

I hope you have daffodils in your life every spring! Have a lovely day!

A Happy Customer Enjoying Her Daffodils

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