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Bringing Pickable Country Flowers into the Suburbs

Do you remember when you were a kid going someplace, perhaps your grandparents, and picking flowers or something from nature, and giving it to your mom or some other beloved person? Didn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when the recipient was pleased by your gift? I do!

I grew up on almost 80 acres, surrounded by pastures and livestock, with a huge garden to boot. One of life's greatest pleasures was to walk out on the property and just get lost and enjoy nature. Then...I graduated from high school, got my college degrees and dove into Corporate America. But...I would always look wistfully out the window from my cubicle and want to be outside in nature again.

I love public parks and lands, but one of the big "No-No's" there is never to pick the flowers. I could touch sometimes, but not make it mine and bring it home to enjoy.

Now, I have become part of a family, and we live in the suburbs, enjoying the benefits of city living. My family has worked with me to recreate a little of my childhood pleasures in our front yard pickable flower garden. We are delighted to share it with you--flowers and greenery you can not only touch, but also make it yours to bring home to enjoy or give to a beloved recipient.

Have a beautiful day!


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