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Garden Can Bouquet Two-Season Sampler

Garden Can Bouquet Two-Season Sampler


New to the flower subscription world and just want to test drive our flowers? Enjoy a sampling of our cool and warm season flowers in our smaller Garden Can Bouquet sampler! Our flowers are grown without chemicals, pesticides or commercial fertilizers which means that when you experience our flowers, you are only experiencing...natural flowers. We will schedule you for an early-season arrangement featuring (almost certainly) daffodils and a later season arrangement featuring (almost certainly) zinnias. Our blooms are hand-gathered and assembled with flower food included. Perfect for display on a table, desk, or for gift-giving.


We will notify you well in advance of when we anticipate the samplers will be available--we are subject to weather and bloom availability. To give you an idea, our daffodils generally peak sometime around mid-April, and we are planning the zinnia sample for around mid-June. Pickup will be at our suburban farm location on your choice of Saturday mornings or Tuesday afternoons. If necessary, we will hold over Tuesday flowers until noon the next day, and Saturday flowers until dark on Saturday, but why let your blooms wait for you? Any orphaned flowers will then be donated to a local nursing home so that someone may enjoy their floral loveliness. 


Other goodies:

  • Access to subscribers-only U-pick sessions. 
  • Choose to relax in the garden during your pickup permitting, we will put a chair out in the garden so you can spend some time communing with the birds and the bees and the blooms.


The flowers we grow change from week to week with the season--the photos are examples of prior bouquets and do not necessarily indicate what you will see in your bouquet.  

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