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The Fresh!--Three Spring Bouquets Subscription

The Fresh!--Three Spring Bouquets Subscription


Indulge your need to purge winter from your system with three bouquets of the freshest spring blooms and foliage! We plant extra daffodils and tulips just for you! Our blooms are hand-gathered, assembled and paper-wrapped with flower food. Perfect for display on a table, desk, or for gift-giving.


We will communicate when this subscription will begin once we have an idea when spring will arrive in the KC area (late March/Early April). We will shoot for one bouquet a week for three weeks, but please understand if we need to be flexible pending how the blooms arrive!  Pickup will be at our suburban farm location on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. If necessary, we will hold over flowers until noon the next day, but why let your blooms wait for you? Any orphaned flowers will then be donated to a local nursing home so that someone may enjoy their floral loveliness. 


Other goodies:

Purchasers may also book U-pick cups at a reduced rate.

Purchasers will also have access to subscribers-only U-pick sessions.


The flowers we grow will change from week to week--the pictures are examples of spring blooms and do not necessarily indicate what you will see in your weekly bouquet.  

  • Flower Care

    The first bouquet of the subscription will also include our card detailing our floral bouquet suggestions--we want your flowers to delight you for as long as possible! Our blog article: Keeping Your Flowers Out Of The Trash is also recommended reading.

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