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Eight Bouquets Over Four Months Subscription

Eight Bouquets Over Four Months Subscription


Pamper yourself with gorgeous bouquets on the first and third weeks of April, May, June and July.  Our blooms are hand-gathered, assembled and paper-wrapped with flower food. Our flowers are grown without chemicals, pesticides or commercial fertilizers which means that when you experience our flowers, you are only experiencing...natural flowers. Perfect for display on a table, desk, or for gift-giving. We will communicate when this subscription will begin once we have an idea when spring will arrive in the KC area--but we are planning on the first Friday in April at this time! Pickup will be at our suburban farm location on Saturday mornings or Tuesday afternoons. If necessary, we will hold over flowers until noon the next day for Tuesdays and until dark on Saturdays, but why let your blooms wait for you? Any orphaned flowers will then be donated to a local nursing home so that someone may enjoy their floral loveliness. The flowers we grow will change from week to week! The pictures are examples of blooms throughout the season and do not necessarily indicate what you will see in your weekly bouquet. 


Other goodies:

  • Choose to relax in the garden during your pickup permitting, we will put a chair out in the garden so you can spend some time communing with the birds and the bees and the blooms.
  • Book U-pick cups at a reduced rate.
  • Access to subscribers-only U-pick sessions times.
  • Flower Care

    The first bouquet of the subscription will also include our card detailing bouquet care instructions--we want your flowers to delight you for as long as possible! Our blog article: Keeping Your Flowers Out Of The Trash is also recommended reading.

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