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U-Pick Four Cups 2024 Subscription

U-Pick Four Cups 2024 Subscription


Indulge yourself or your friends! Schedule all four sessions at one time in 2024 for a friends' picking party or spread your flowery enjoyment over multiple picking sessions when we are open. Picking appointments during the regular season only open up two weeks in advance, when we are confident flowers will be available, but if you purchase BEFORE the flower picking season commences, you may pre-schedule your appointment(s) for any time we plan to be open in 2024. Be the first in line to be scheduled to pick for the big weekends of Mother's Day, Independence Day and Easter, not to mention the big game, your birthday or anniversary! (This year's picking windows are expected to be most Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.)


Our flowers are grown without chemicals, pesticides or commercial fertilizers which means that when you experience our flowers, you are only experiencing...natural flowers.

  • Time Limits

    Please ensure you have completed all your picks before the end of the 2024 picking season. Thank you!

Excluding Sales Tax
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