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Are You A Subscription Customer?

Some people skew toward being a U-Pick customer, and some skew toward a more traditional subscription model. Which are you? Ask yourself if you are prone to say or feel any of the following:

  1. "I don't have TIME to come pick flowers, much less fuss with arranging them!"

  2. "My back/hands/feet/head hurt(s) when I do stuff!" (I SOO get this one!)

  3. "Outdoors?! I cannot do that! I am allergic to pollen!"

  4. "Outdoors?! Impossible! I cannot handle cold/wet/heat/bugs, and I burn too easily."

  5. "I need the perfect gift (more than once) that will not clutter up my house."

  6. You want to bring something gorgeous to the office that will impress even the "green" employee. (Hint: here are some of our "green" words. I will even write them on our biodegradable wrapping if you ask! "Sustainably-grown, low-gas miles, locally-grown, pollinator-friendly, insecticide- and pesticide-free, water-conserving, woman-owned business, native plantings where possible. You name it, we probably can cover your "green" concerns.)

  7. "I think you guys are fabulous! I love talking to you when I come to pick up my bouquet, and I feel amazing knowing that I am supporting MY local suburban farm!" (Awww, I am blushing!)

How can you purchase a flower subscription? They are only available for purchase for a limited time in the spring, before the blooms really hit and we start filling subscription orders. Subscriptions may be found on our website here on the "Shop" page.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day!

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